Caldey Island

Caldey Island lies off the south coast of Pembrokeshire.

The islands off the coast of Pembrokeshire are famous for nesting sea birds, marine life and wild flowers. The best time to visit to see the birds is May and June, it is also when the cliff tops are ablaze with wild flowers.

During summer, you may be lucky to see cetaceans off the coast and islands. Dolphins, Porpoises and basking sharks are regular visitors. Humpback, Minke and Orca (killer) whales have also been sighted off the coast. A recent report suggested that the coast of Pembrokeshire is the best place in Britain to see whales.

Pembrokeshire has one of the largest populations of Grey seals in the world. The best time to see them is between September and November when they come ashore to give birth to their pups on isolated beaches.

Please do not disturb any seals you may see on the rocks or beaches. Keep well away. The best way to see whales and dolphins is on one of the whale and dolphin boat trips organized by the Pembrokeshire Marine Code group.


Reached by daily boat trips from Martin’s Haven. In early summer, the island is home to Puffins, Guillemots, Razorbills and Kittywakes. It is now possible to spend the night on the island at the newly opened bunkhouse and to experience the unforgettable sight of thousands of Manx Shearwaters returning to their burrows under the cover of darkness.


The island is off limits to all except those staying in the old farmhouse on the island. The hugh colonies of Puffins, Storm Petrels and Manx Shearwaters are best viewed from a boat. Excursions are available from Dale.


A small island crowded with thousands of nesting Gannets, one of the largest colonies in the northern hemisphere.


Reached by boat from St.Justinians. The island is a Royal Society for the Protection of Birds reserve. Razorbills, Choughs and Peregrin Falcons can be seen.


Peaceful Caldey is reached by regular boats from Tenby harbour. The island has a Cistercian monastery and two beautiful beaches. It has a large seabird colony and a year round seal colony. The seals can best be seen on round island boat trips.

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